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Reigstered office: c/o: Silverwell House, Silverwell Lane, Bolton, BL1 1QN

Bolton Magistrates Court

Time2 Communities works in partnership with Bolton Magistrates Court helpdesk. After training, volunteers can work on the desk for just a few hours each week. The desk supports anyone involved in the court system, from defendants and their families to magistrates to other agencies. Our job is to signpost people to agencies, organisations, community groups or even friendly cafes where they might start to sort out their problems. Very often those approaching the desk need nothing more than a kind word and a friendly face.

If you are interested in training to become a volunteer on the help desk, please contact Drissia Ahmed on 07502 046223; email drissia76@yahoo.com.

You can also check out the helpdesk's own website here:




When was the last time you received a friendly letter? Time2 Communities support a group of volunteers who write letters to children in Primary Schools in Bolton.  As a volunteer letter-writer, your job is to write one letter per term to one or two children assigned to you by the co-ordinator, and then wait for the replies to roll in. This scheme helps children with their literacy skills as well as giving them a real reason for writing.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Carol Burrows on 07731546229 or via cfarrimond@hotmail.com

Time2 Communities offer a range of volunteering opportunities, accompanied by free training and support.


Please see below for further details of our current opportunities.

Silverwell House Helpdesk

In partnership with 1Point (North West) Ltd, we are seeking volunteers to help us facilitate a new, non-judgemental and friendly source of information, advice and guidance for Bolton at 1, Silverwell House. There will also be some volunteer administration work available.


Interested? Tel: 07469 780255

or email: joan.manville@gmail.com